“Island Latte” All Natural Coffee Sugar Scrub

Homemade natural sugar scrub made with organic coconut oil, sugar, and coffee grounds ^-^

Commercial face scrubs and cleansers contain harmful chemicals, leaving your skin feeling dry and flaky. All the “possible” ingredients it takes to make a “high end” facial scrub/cleanser masked in a long ingredient list stuck onto, more likely than not, a plastic bottle.

Not to mention, many beauty products are tested on animals as well. Take a chance and make a change by creating a beautiful, natural way of living by using natural products nonharmful to the environment!

The benefits to sugar on your skin as a gentle, natural exfoliant to cleanse the skin, while naturally moisturizing. Coffee grounds contain antioxidants and keep the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated!

Island.Kirida’s “Island Latte” all natural coffee, sugar scrubs are listed for $16.99 for (12oz) Mason jar on eBay, please check it out if interested in purchasing or please contact with any inquiries.

All homemade products are natural and handcrafted with chill vibes. ^-^


All purchased items are thoughtfully shipped in eco-friendly packaging.


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